"Untyde's music reflects a high level of emotion and energy driven by raw talent and dedication. The band has written numerous radio-friendly songs, released and EP entitled "Waiting to Be...", and has developed an enthusiastic following in Los Angeles and Orange County.




Listeners are invited into a world built on Jimmie K Boucher's candid lyrics and Brian Angely's captivating guitar riffs. Joe McLaughlin's bass playing, perfectly layered with Scott Speer's powerful percussion, forms the foundation for their unique style of music. The band has now written numerous songs, released an EP entitled "Waiting to Be…", as well as a new three song demo, and has developed an enthusiastic following.
jimmie brian
Jimmie Brian
joe scott
Joe Scott

Built on a by-chance friendship, Untyde began in 1998. Angely, originally from Philadelphia, had been working on new material while adapting to his new home. Jimmie, a Los Angeles native, was tending bar while pursuing an acting career. They met poolside at their apartment complex, and soon found friendship and music together. "I was playing the acoustic guitar…Jimmie just started singing a poem that he had written over the chords I was playing. At that moment we both knew we needed to be writing music together." claims Angely. After two years of performing their music as an acoustic act, the two began auditioning rhythm sections to complete the band.

Scott Speer and Joe McLaughlin grew up together in a small suburb of Springfield, Massachusetts, starting their first band at age 10. As founding members of the popular band Dead Reckoning, they gained notoriety among fellow New England musicians. The two have recorded professionally at Long View Farms Studios (of Aerosmith and The J. Geils Band fame). Wanting to take their music to the next level, Speer and McLaughlin decided it was time to seek out a guitarist and a front man in the prominent Los Angeles music scene.

Los Angeles provided an answer to their demand, bringing the two strong friendships together as one family of music. Since their meeting in 2001, Untyde has performed as the intermission band for "Family Feud" and has had their song "The Drinking Song" featured on the MTV dating show "Dismissed". From the beginning, Untyde has radiated an intense energy, showing a natural instinct for rhythm, melody and lyrics. 2003 will prove to be the year that Untyde makes its mark, ushering in an exciting new sound for music lovers everywhere.

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