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The Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004 from Dallas, Texas July 4th Weekend Special.

Tune in July 3rd at 9PM Pacific.

Crossroads Guitar Festival
June 4th to 6th

Larry Carlton and Tony Pretzello.

Crossroads Founder Eric Clapton to Perform Benefit Concert in June

link to the Crossroads Guitar festival website.

Cued-Up helps to promote cause of crossroads Centre founded by Eric Clapton as a special feature we will be at the festival in Dallas, Texas interviewing great guitarists such as: Eric Clapton, Stevei Vai, B.B. King, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana and many more. Interviews will be broadcast immediate following the events June 4th to 6th.

Link to Crossroads Centre

Crossroads Centre Booth
Cotton Bowl Stage
Eric Johnson
Jeff Skunk Baxter
John Mayer
Village Stage
Stevie Vai
Pat Metheny
Larry Carlton
Larry Carlton horn section