Road Theatre Productions presents:
Bill Callaway Show

Radio Theatre! Drama, esoteric, airy, spiritual and Paranormal activity is all to be expected from Road Theatre Productions.

Yogi Parahini, Oliver Onions, Sid and Meagan Kluegl and all the other characters from Road Theatre Productions are here to twist your soul and mess with your mind.

I also have a few small bites from my good friend Yogi Parahini. Advice is always good and especially when it comes from a Yogi like Parahini.


Yogi parahini and I read all your courious emails and we will answer all your questions on the air.

Bill says: "My Show is an eclectic mix of theater, literature, music, commentary and discussion with an emphasis on wierd stuff. Highly suspicious of all the thousands of lies I have been fed since birth (The Check's in the mail, the government's here to help, your doctor knows best, war is to preserve the peace, vaccinations are good for you, fluoride, a deadly poison, should be in the water, pesticides are good and good for you, organized religion is a positive force of the world, your vote matters, etc.) , I will endeavor to rip away a few masks and have some fun with sound, which I love."


Del Casher
Disguised as a human being. Truly this Shape Shifting Lizard from the fourth Dimension has some rad guitar licks.
The Beckoning Fair One
part 1
The Beckoning Fair One
part 2
The Beckoning Fair One
part 3
The Beckoning Fair One
part 4
The Beckoning Fair One
part 5
Yogi Parahini Part 1
Yogi Parahini Part 2
Yogi Parahini Part 3