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on Tuesday July 12th

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Suite108 iRadio was at The 2005 Live Jive at the Hive July 9th at The Hive Music and Media Complex in Los Angeles, home of the music website You can hear the interviews Tony Pretzello did at the event on tuesday on Indie Airplay. There will be interviews with: Silver Needle, Underwater City People, The Cheats, XUK, The Evergreens and On Air Announcer SAM from KXLU's Neuz Polution.

Photo Courtesy: Jim Steinfeldt
The Cheats being interviewed on Indie Airplay by Tony Pretzello and Jakob Nielsen.
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Hollywood Go-Gos at The Live Jive at The Hive.

The Live Jive at The Hive in Silverlake, CA on July 9th was sponsored by: Hollywood Go-Gos, Media Vision, M80, Monster Energy Drink, Sonic Weekly, KissOrKillClub , Music Plus TV , Edwards Cinema, Osiris Shoes and Urban Decay Cosmetics


Silver Needle
Johnny 99 (in The Middle) - Co Founder of Kiss or Kill Club

The Evergreens

The Cheats

Underwater City People