Well, the answer is yes -and it has been here for a long time.

Just no manufacturer has seemed to be able to get a grab on the consumers. There are so far 3 major manufacturers who all make internet radio tuners. These tuners are capable of tuning in stations from around the world via the internet and they will even play your CD music or mp3 collection straight off your harddrive.

The times has changed and are changing rapidly.
Every day new gadgets and devices are being introduced. These days mostly in a wi-fi domain. In this article I will focus mainly on 3 devices from: Philips, Rokulabs and Linksys.

Philips has been around for the longest. Actually for years! Philips had the FW-1000 and then later the MC-i250 on the market. Even though these radios have been almost imposible to find on the shelves they have sold through the internet. Please click the following link to read an in-depth article on this radio. MC-i250 Article!

Rokulabs hit the market recently, Who are these guys? -well they are the ones who also makes an HD video player with no harddrive. Yeah I know what you are thinking, me too. I still havent gotten my head around that one. One very interesting thing about this company is that their products are actually avialable off-the-shelves. I was happy to see if just one or two devices at Fry's electronics this week.

Linksys. Now what happened here? Has anyone looked at Linksys.com lately? This company has grown from nothing to: "oh I bought the wrong wbsr-811s...this is for cable but I just wanted a wireless access point -duh". Most everyone has tried to come home with a wrong Linksys box by now. Under specialty products all the way in the bottom we find this out of this world internet radio tuner -and my god it looks like a radio!!!! -Guys why is this radio not on your front page???

I have for your convience placed links to the manufacturers websites and their products here below:
Linksys Digital Radio
Linksys WMLS11B

So eventhough its been hard to find these radios on the shelves its been a pleasure following the development of something extraordinary and different. Radio is once again here to stay. Welcome to the new world of internet radio.

Jakob Nielsen Feb. 28th. 2005